Jenni Sidey

Lecturer at the University of Cambridge specialising in fundamental combustion research



Apply for this if you: 

  • Want to get your PhD by studying jet engines,
  • Want to learn flame physics and laser diagnostics while working on an industrially relevant project,
  • Are a clever engineer with an interest in thermofluids, and
  • Are a UK or EU student. 

PhD Studentship in Gas Turbine Combustion

The emission of harmful pollutants by aviation gas turbine engines poses a difficult problem for engineers looking to develop clean burning combustion technologies. Emission reduction in these devices is particularly challenging considering the wide range of jet fuel compositions and novel combustor geometries which are often used in the commercial airline industry. If we can gain insight into the effects of fuel composition and combustor geometry on emission formation in gas turbine combustors, we can develop engines which form fewer pollutants and therefore significantly reduce the aviation industry's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

This problem is multi-faceted and complex, providing researchers with the opportunity to study fundamental flame physics with industrial relevance. It will involve: (i) the development and optimisation of a model rich-quench-lean gas turbine combustor, (ii) an investigation of the effect of kerosene blend composition on flame stabilisation in the combustor using laser optical diagnostics, and (iii) the measurement of pollutants such as soot and NOx formed by the combustor. Through this investigation, we will be able to identify key features related to fuel composition, combustor geometry, and their coupling, which impact pollutant formation in aviation gas turbine engines.

We are looking for talented students with an excellent academic background (2i or higher) in an engineering discipline and a strong understanding of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. Applicants with an interest, or preferably experience, in experimental work, turbulence, and reacting flows will be considered.

This EPSRC funded studentship is available for Home and EU students. Home students and certain EU students will receive a full studentship including fees and Maintenance. EU students will receive a fees only award. Details on eligibility can be found of EPSRC Web site:
Overseas students are not eligible and should not apply.